Posture Correction Studio

Posture Correction Studio


Hironori "Hiro" Ikeda: Dynamic Posture Coach and Instructor

Background and Early Life

Born and raised in Niigata, Japan, Hiro grew up surrounded by nature, enjoying activities like bicycling, soccer, skiing, and playing in the ocean.

During his junior high and high school years in Shinjuku, Tokyo, Hiro became passionate about motocross and began analyzing his body movements on video, noting left-right differences in his skiing and turning movements.

Education and Professional Experience

Hiro holds a Bachelor of Science in Biology and a Master of Sports Medicine. After spending six months skiing at North America's largest ski resort in Canada, he pursued a career in sports medicine, focusing on movement and injuries.

Hiro studied at the University of Tsukuba, a leading institution in sports medicine.

After graduation, he worked for a shoe manufacturer and was also a visiting researcher at AIST (the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology). The shoes he developed became a long-lasting hit, and are still sold today.

Discovering Thai Massage and Moving Abroad

In 2003, Hiro visited Chiang Mai, where he became fascinated by Thai massage, the cosmopolitan environment, and nature.

He decided to move to Thailand and established RSM, combining his passion for sports medicine with his corporate experience.

Inventing Balance Ball Yoga and Teaching Worldwide

Hiro invented Balance Ball Yoga, a dynamic posture improvement program which uses balance balls as the center of a comprehensive diagnostic method, and the personalized Posture Correction Program for which this website is the online home.

Hiro's method received medical approval from Italian doctors, hospitals, and universities in 2021.

Hiro primarily teaches dynamic posture improvement programs and massage courses in Chiang Mai, as well as in Europe during May and June.

And of course, Mr Hironori "Hiro" Ikeda is the founder of RSM International Academy.

Personalized Posture Improvement Program

Hiro's program is designed for those interested in improving their posture and general health, but also for more severe situations, for example following accidents.

With advice from Hiro, participants can improve their posture for a lifetime through specific exercises and training methods, both in-person and remotely via video analysis.