Posture Correction Studio

Posture Correction Studio


Posture Analysis: Initial In-Person Consultation

Attentively addressing your requests, needs, and expectations for the improvement of your posture.

During the consultation, we'll discuss your objectives and aspirations for the program, which may include alleviating body pain due to poor posture, addressing movement disorders, rehabilitating from accidental injuries, enhancing postural stability in sports or yoga, and more.

At the gym, participants will first complete a 7-minute walk followed by a 3-minute brisk walk or jog. These activities will be video-recorded to help you visualize your dynamic posture later on, to monitor your improvements, and to tailor your training accordingly.

Simultaneously, the instructor will analyze aspects such as lumbar and cervical spine usage, pelvic rotation, hip movement, limb coordination and asymmetry, abdominal pressure, and kinetic chain habits from a sports medicine perspective.

After reviewing the recorded movements, the instructor will pinpoint pain areas and their causes based on your consultation and video analysis. They will then offer suggestions for dynamic postural improvement and outline the direction of your training and massage regimen in line with your goals.

Understanding this posture improvement program's benefits and objectives

The instructor will explain the advantages and goals of various posture correction training options available within the program, based on your consultation and their sports medicine expertise. Emphasizing the close relationship between dynamic postural stability and breathing, the instructor will highlight the importance of kinetic chain training that simultaneously enhances both aspects.

Movement analysis on balance balls
Movement analysis on balance balls

Balance ball exercise and palpation

While analyzing your movements, Hironori will palpate your muscles to identify the root causes of your poor posture in terms of myofascial, muscle tone, joint range of motion, kinetic chain, and skeletal structure. This will help provide the most effective training tailored to your objectives.

The training will take place in a gym equipped with a 20-meter mirror, allowing you to see your entire body in motion and set clearer goals.

Crafting your personalized program

Following a 30-minute interview to establish your dynamic postural stability goals, you'll embark on a 60-minute dynamic postural training and analysis session. Customized to your fitness level, the program will focus on muscle, myofascial, and kinetic chain analysis, ensuring an enjoyable workout experience: a personalized practice program lasting 2 weeks, with direct feedback from Hiro.

Early in the process, usually just after the diagnostic, you will have a customized massage treatment, and then another a little later on, when your new posture begins to naturally take shape.

Guaranteed Results

We are confident in our ability to improve your posture through this program. If you do not see any improvements, we will fully reimburse your fees. Our unique, medically proven approach is the result of the founder's dedication and passion for the field.