Posture Correction Studio

Posture Correction Studio


Postural Massage: A Comprehensive Approach

identifying the cause of pains
identifying the cause of pains

Before your first massage session

After analyzing your goals and posture during ourĀ initial consultation, we will create a customized massage session designed to yield effective results in a shorter time frame. We'll explain the functional anatomy related to your massage objectives before starting the session.

All massage sessions take place at Spa Mantra Chiang Mai, in a comfortable and professional atmosphere.

Palpation and Exploration: Identifying the Root Cause

We'll use palpation techniques to identify or confirm the primary cause of your poor posture. This allows us to provide a massage and stretching plan tailored to your needs.

Our focus will be on myofascia, muscle tension, compensatory movements due to pain, and limited joint range of motion.

postural massage session
postural massage session

Massage Sessions for Improved Posture and Breathing

Drawing on years of experience in anatomy, teaching, and practicing Deep Tissue Massage, Trigger Point Therapy, Myofascial release, Thai massage, functional stretches, and rocking techniques, we offer two massage treatments over this two-week period.

The goal of these sessions is to address muscle tightness, pain, and injuries, while restoring proper posture and function to your entire body.

Posture-Centric Approach of the Massage Session

Our massage approach differs from other methods due to its emphasis on posture evaluation. We assess your posture holistically, and systematically treat issues related to muscles, tendons, and joints through massage.

Our sessions are specifically designed to address postural and physical concerns in your body.

Hiro is always happy to explain the relationship between the treatment, the personalized exercises, and simple stretches, to help maximize the benefits of the massage session.

Soft Spinal Corrective Massage

We provide a very gentle spinal corrective massage, focusing on optimizing the natural movement of the spine while slowly stretching fascia and muscles to release tension. Our approach combines, among other things, myofascial release with gentle muscle stretching.

The techniques are not chiropractic. If you request it, Hiro can accommodate you, but his approach prioritizes your comfort and well-being.

Breathing-Integrated Massage

By incorporating breathing techniques into your massage, we help to remove adhesions in the muscles involved in respiration.

Don't be surprised if you see an improvement in your breathing patterns. It can be a natural outcome of your posture correction journey.

Complementary Techniques

Our massages are supplemented with pain relief and joint range of motion techniques to enhance the benefits of your personalized dynamic postural stability training program.

If you're interested in just booking a massage session, pleaseĀ feel free to contact us.

It is time now to practice your own tailored exercise routine and get personal feedback on your progress: