Posture Correction Studio

Posture Correction Studio


Personalized Posture Improvement Exercises

Observation is key in the creation of your own postural improvement program
Observation is key in the creation of your own postural improvement program

It is time to establish your Personally Tailored Training Program

During the first 7 days, you will have at least 2 sessions with Hiro to establish and learn the customized exercises based on your goals. You will also receive at least two personalized massages to facilitate rapid and long-lasting changes in your body.

Identifying Areas for Improvement in your dynamic posture.

With the help of your coach, through training and massage, you will be able to clearly identify areas for improvement and gain a better understanding of the exercises and stretches to perform at home.

If you practice at the gym with Hiro, at the beginning of each training session, you will do a 10-minute posture review, usually simply walking, to see how you have changed from previous sessions.

Training and Feedback, one-to-one or online.

For the rest of the 2-week period, you can continue your training at the gym or at home online, sending videos of your session, in both cases, receiving quality one-to-one feedback from Hiro.

With his sports medicine expertise and understanding of your posture and breathing, Hiro will help you deepen your practice in the right direction.

Posture improvement exercise
Posture improvement exercise

Progress Updates and Advice

Over the first week, after the initial diagnosis, you will have two dynamic postural stability training sessions. At the beginning of each session, a 10-minute gait posture review will be conducted to observe changes from previous sessions.

Depending on your fitness level, various tools will be used to determine your center of gravity, body axis, and alignment. Hiro is expert in the use of different types of "yoga balls".
With over 10,000 training exercises available, we can provide you with the best dynamic postural stability training based on your fitness level.

The Importance of Mirrors During Exercises

During the exercises, it's crucial to use a mirror to observe your entire body. This will help you identify and more rapidly improve your body's unstable movements and habits, and better understand Hiro's explanations.

The Program for Week 2

During the second week, you will have the option to continue with two training sessions at the gym and a massage session.

If you are unable to attend the gym, you can send videos of your full-length exercises recorded at home via WhatsApp. For every video sent, we will provide feedback on areas for improvement, and recommended training exercises.

Customized Dynamic Postural Stability Training Program

At the end of the training session, we will show you the postural changes from before to after the session, and provide a detailed summary of the exercises you will be doing at home.
You will then have a permanent, tailor-made dynamic postural stability training program.

Online Training Extension

You can also choose to extend the program after returning to your home country. Send us videos of your training, and we will provide further advice and training materials. Online training is also available.